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Is this even legal?

lol this view is called FullFrontal.png

This is the VT-69 portable data terminal. It does everything, like zombo dot com.

The VT-69 portable data terminal fits in your pocket, serves as an interface
for an off-the-shelf $5 single board computer, and costs less than $100.

Probably much less than $100

If you're old school, you can think of it as a portable VT-180, but instead of CP/M, it runs
a full Linux system with an ARM SOC. If you're a tech journalist, think of it as tastier
than paste and the cheapest Cyberdeck ever created.

This website is under construction. For more information about te VT-69
portable data terminal, check out the Violence Works Twitter: @ViolenceWorks.


Reject Modernity, Embrace RS232 with a DE-9 Connector. Charge over USB-C.

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